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6 Tips for Taking Time Off as a Content Creator

6 Tips for Taking Time Off as a Content Creator

When your job is to create content online, whether you’re a blogger, small business owner, or influencer, taking time off is a necessity. Everyone deserves a vacation away from their job, but what happens when your ‘job’ is to post content online?

Disconnecting from social media, your email, and your online content tasks isn’t always easy. It’s this ‘always on’ mentality that leads to influencer burnout, procrastination, and resentment.

Whether you’re taking a staycation or traveling across the globe, how do you take time off as a content creator? It’s all about making sure you plan in advance and set clear boundaries for yourself. These 6 tips for taking time off as a content creator are perfect for every creator.

1. Schedule Content in Advance
One of the best tips for taking time off is to do some work in advance. While this might sound like a lot to handle, batching or scheduling your content is a great idea no matter your plans.

When you have content ready to auto-post while you’re gone, you don’t have to worry about any lulls in your productivity. Being consistent on social media and on your own platforms is key to staying relevant and connecting with your audience. However, being consistent doesn’t mean you have to physically always be logged in or tied to your computer.

2. Set an Out of Office Message
If you’re worried about brands or other people reaching out to you while you’re away, set an out of office message. One of the best tips for taking time off is to make sure key people know you’re away and when you’ll be back.

This doesn’t have to go into much detail. Instead, you can simply explain in your email that you’re taking a brief break, and you’ll be back on X day.

Similarly, you might share an out of office message on social media. If this makes sense for your brand, it can help your followers recognize that you might not answer right away. Most niches are understanding and encouraging when creators need a break.

3. Assign a Trusted Contact
If you work in a field where you might need to respond right away or handle an emergency, it’s time to temporarily hand over control to someone you trust. Having a contact to monitor your social media channels and platforms is a good idea.

For example, the top YouTube creators usually have trusted moderators who watch their feeds to respond when necessary and clean any conversations. This makes sure everything runs smoothly even if you’re not present for a short while.

4. Talk to Clients or Brands
If you partner with brands or clients, set clear expectations about your availability during your time off. Giving your clients a heads up before you leave the office or letting brands know when they can expect deliverables is the best way to stay on the same page.

A lot of content creators apologize when they’re taking time off, but avoid doing this. You have nothing to feel sorry about! Taking a break is a healthy, smart idea, and you’ll return stronger than ever.

5. Turn Off Alerts
We all understand the stress of seeing those app notifications pop up when we’re busy doing something away from work. These alerts not only interrupt your relaxing time off, but they can tempt you to scroll even further.

If possible, remove these apps from your phone or turn off notifications. You don’t want to give up your precious time off checking in on social media. If you must check in daily, set a timer to avoid wasting too much time.

6. Check-In When You Return
Lastly, the final tip for taking time off as a content creator is to schedule a check-in when you return. This can be time with yourself to catch up on tasks, or you might schedule check-in time with your client or team.

Having a meeting or time to get caught up right when you return makes this transition much easier. Your workflow is a personal thing, so it’s okay if you need a bit of time to get into the swing of things.

Make Time for Yourself
Taking time off is good for you and your work. A reported 79% of employees face some version of burnout, so it’s okay to be your own advocate. If you’re feeling tired, uninspired, and like you’re in a creative rut, it’s time for me-time.

As a content creator, there’s a lot of pressure to always stay connected. Taking time away from it all is the perfect way to hit the ground running on your next project or idea.

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