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How to Avoid Influencer Burnout: 5 Tips

Avoid influencer burnout with these tips

If you’re an influencer, you spend a lot of your time online and on social media. With so many platforms available nowadays and your niche being more important than ever, it’s hard to “disconnect” after your work is done.

Though social media is a great tool for connecting with others, making money online, and building your brand, you need to use it wisely. The pressure to always be “on” for influencers and content creators can have an unexpected problem in the form of burnout.

If you want to stay motivated as a creator and avoid entrepreneur procrastination, you need to be cautious about influencer burnout.

What Is Influencer Burnout?

What exactly is influencer burnout? According to Mayo Clinic, this is a real psychological phenomenon that strikes anyone who works a job. Whether you’re in a traditional 9-5 role or you work remote, you can experience burnout in a very real way.

You’ll know that you’re experiencing influencer burnout if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • You’re cynical about your life and your work
  • You’re overly critical of the content you make
  • You have trouble motivating yourself to start
  • You’re irritable or irritated
  • You lack the energy to stay productive or meet deadlines
  • You don’t find satisfaction from your work

Being an influencer is highly rewarding. You get to set your own hours, partner with brands you love, and connect with people no matter how many followers you have.

That being said, it can be a chore like any other job if you aren’t careful. By failing to set clear boundaries or take time to refresh, you could find yourself suffering from these symptoms of influencer burnout above. Luckily, there are some ways to avoid it altogether.

1. Make a Plan

A lot of influencers find themselves burnt out because they don’t have a plan. If you’re trying to take your side hustle full-time or build a legitimate business as a creator, you need a real plan.

A plan includes breaks, a schedule, and consistency. It doesn’t include endless hours and obstacles. Take some time to plan out a content calendar for yourself. Ensure it’s realistic and fits your goals. Your calendar should make your life easier not harder.

2. Collaborate with Others

If you’re worried that you’re not able to push yourself on your own, consider working with other creators. Not only is collaborating a great way to break from a rut, but it’s also a chance to lessen how much is on your own plate.

The worst they’ll say is no. Try hosting a giveaway together, sharing content on each other’s pages, or letting them create something for your own account. Having some help makes things easier for everyone, plus it’s a reminder that you’re not alone in this.

3. Check in with Who You Follow

As an influencer, it’s easy to play the comparison game. This might seem harmless at first, but it’s a one-way ticket to influencer burnout.

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to other creators, their content, and their progress, you’re focusing on the wrong things. Take a close look at who you follow. Do they inspire and uplift you or put you down?

4. Take a Break

Like any job where you work from home, you need to take breaks regularly. If your life is all work and no play, you’re going to face influencer burnout sooner rather than later.

This doesn’t mean you should take a full month off from creating new content. It does mean scheduling breaks into your daily schedule and taking a mental health day when you need it. Your audience understands that creating is hard work! Don’t feel like you always need to be “on.”

5. Set Realistic Boundaries

Finally, make sure you’re setting boundaries. Since you work from your phone or computer, it’s harder to separate work time from fun time.

To do this effectively, set clear boundaries. This could be any of the following:

  • Clear working hours
  • Manage your email/inbox at a specific time
  • Create separate work/personal accounts
  • Step away from your phone/computer
  • Put your phone on do not disturb

It’s okay to step away if you need to. In fact, this is a healthy thing to do. Taking a few hours a day to do a digital detox without social media, followers, or any cameras makes all the difference. It helps you return to your schedule later with a more refreshed outlook.

Protect Your Health and Wellness

It’s easy to forget why you started when you start to experience influencer burnout. While many think this job is easy, creating content takes a lot of effort. It’s draining after a while, and it’s healthy to give yourself a break.

Since you’re essentially your own boss, it’s up to you to protect your own health and wellness. This should always come first. Have you ever experienced influencer burnout? If so, what helped you?

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