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Carlos Reyes Crowned as One of the Top Real Estate Influencers to Follow

Carlos Reyes Crowned as One of the Top Real Estate Influencers to Follow

Carlos Reyes was born in Mexico and lived in Mexico for many years before moving to the United States. Living in Mexico there are not many things to do besides get involved with local gangs or work dead-end jobs filled with tireless labor. Carlos’ Mother knew she didn’t want that life for her son so she brought him across the border illegally to live in the United States. Many citizens of the country escaped the violence and poor economic conditions in Mexico to find salvation in the United states. Through hard work and dedication his mother worked two jobs, all while successfully raising three kids on her own. She raised Carlos Reyes with the virtue and character to become the Serial Entrepreneur he is today.

As a young man Carlos became a United States Citizen and worked at minimum wage jobs, while working his way up the corporate ladder. Unhappy with the corporate work life, Carlos spent years teaching himself how to wholesale and start a business. After 14 years of working a 9 to 5 job, he quit to pursue his dream. He always had a passion for it since he was a kid. The reason why it has always been his dream is because it seemed like every massively successful entrepreneur made it through hardships and challenges from where he grew up.

After deciding to quit his 9 to 5 job and start a real estate investment company, Carlos met Sal Shakir and proceeded to start their real estate investment business. Together they turned a real estate start-up into a multi-million dollar business with dozens of employees. Working in states like ArizonaCaliforniaTexas, and Nevada, his real estate firm provides an alternative way for home sellers to sell their house off-market. This service has been a major success with thousands of happy customers. Carlos has found his path to success by creating new techniques of generating profits in the Real Estate industry. Their firm provides many services and specializes in off-market property deals.

Carlos Reyes, The Real Estate King Of Arizona

Carlos is a firm believer that hard work and dedication will bring you success in life. One of his biggest challenges that Carlos first had to face when he started was overcoming fear. He had the fear of leaving his stable 9-5 job and the business never picking up off of the ground. Another set of challenges for him has been learning how to acquire properties, learning how to market the business and building a team around him.

One of the biggest mistakes that Carlos also encountered was that he wished he would’ve started to think bigger when it came to the plans of expanding his business endeavors in real estate. Thinking bigger in terms of how you can expand your business in the industry and even outside of the industry is crucial for ANY entrepreneur. The best R.O.I. (Return On Investment) that he has ever received from a deal; was a whopping 225% cash on cash return. Carlos and his team once flipped a packaged deal of 27 properties all at once.

He built his team with having over 12 years of management experience and knowing the foundation of what a leader is supposed to be. One of his biggest strengths that Carlos says he has had is being able to assign people to specific roles and find out what their biggest strengths or weaknesses are. Some of the biggest failures that have taught him the most are; to hire slow and fire quick, how to track all production and performance, and that numbers do not lie.

Since the major success of their real estate investment company, Carlos has invested in over 25 other business ventures that have since thrived in the industry. Some of these businesses cater to real estate investors including; software, scripts and training. Carlos and Sal are also both owners of Momentum; a semi-annual conference dedicated to training real estate investors with the latest profit generating strategies. Carlos Reyes has now been in the real estate industry for about 5 years now and has continued to gain knowledge in the world of real estate while scaling his businesses. Stating that the goal is always growth, Carlos says that real estate has allowed him to grow and to invest in and create other business ventures. One of the goals that Sal and Carlos have at the end of the year is to net 50 million from all of their combined companies.

Carlos Reyes at Momentum
Carlos Reyes mentoring attendees at ALL IN MOMENTUM

Carlos is a man with strong faith in god and strong family ideals. He currently lives in Glendale, Arizona with his wife and 2 daughters. Some say Carlos Reyes and his family are truly living the american dream. Carlos has taken his blessings of continuous success and tries his best every day to serve god and the community. Through community service and donations, Carlos works to revitalize the impoverished and less fortunate. The reason for Carlos starting the business in the first place is to have financial freedom, the freedom of time and he hopes to live an abundant life in every aspect.

Lastly, if there was one piece of advice that Carlos could give someone who is just starting out, it would be to bet on yourself. Also, to work on yourself and your business ASAP and that when you bet on yourself, God goes ALL IN on you!

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