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Companies making the most money during the coronavirus

Coronavirus has, without a doubt, found a place to camp in our lives. The pandemic is shaking the world, especially in the economic sector. Some businesses are losing it. On the other hand, some are making the best and most money out of this. Some companies are making massive cash influxes from this pandemic. These companies might emerge more stable and more robust at the end of the pandemic than they were when all this began. We are aware that crises come with a threat to people’s businesses and companies, and the coronavirus crisis is no different. Below, we take you through the various global companies making the most money during the coronavirus and how they are doing it.

The Activision blizzard Company

Most people are stuck at home to help flatten the coronavirus curve. The analysts in the company figured two major video technologies that would thrive during the pandemic: gaming and streaming. People were looking for new ways to get in touch with each other, with the stay-home rule at hand. As a result, the company launched the free-to-play-first person shooter-call of duty. This resulted in attracting over 50 million players in the first ten days. This was termed as the fastest growth for a non-mobile game.

The Amazon Company

We are living through a global pandemic. People are staying at home, as much as they can. We are avoiding crowded places. Online shopping has then come in handy. The amazon company is investing in personal protective equipment and cleaning. While other companies are laying off employees because they are struggling to stay in business, Amazon is hiring at a furious pace, which is to help the global company keep up with the demand from the stuck at home customers, thanks to coronavirus.

The Campbell Soup Company

The demand for soup is high during this pandemic. Campbell is, therefore, increasing its production to address this demand. As more cases are being reported in the U.S on a daily basis, consumers are stockpiling canned soup, among other shelf-stable foods, afraid of what tomorrow may hold, especially those closer to the areas with the massive virus spread. The company has kept in touch with retailers. To understand what is in demand, to increase their production. As a result, companies’ earnings have increased due to the soup demand because of the pandemic.

The Costco Company

The Costco Company is making a lot of money during this pandemic because it is focusing on the customers’ experience. If people leave their homes, Costco is the place they are headed to. Costco has continued to keep the doors open for consumers. The company is winning this because they have found better ways to protect customers from the germs causing the virus during this pandemic. They have made branded products that people love and of high quality. They have made their services exclusive and accessible. The company is focusing on the quality of their goods other than the quantity and, as a result, giving people the best. And lastly, the company has built trust with their customers.

The Drizly Company

The Drizly Company is harvesting the best out if this pandemic. People stuck at home are using the most efficient way to get liquor in their homes. This is only possible with an alcohol delivery company. This is where the Drizly company comes in. Drizly software connects customers to alcohol stores, and the liquor is delivered. During this pandemic, most companies are struggling to stay afloat. Drizly is, therefore, helping many retailers to stay in business. This is by working to help ensure that the liquor stores are kept open in many states.

The FedEx Company

Most people prefer to order in goods, rather than going to the stores during this coronavirus pandemic. This is where many online retailers stand to get a ripple effect. The delivery companies equally benefit from this. FedEx is even in a better position to make a lot of money from this pandemic. The company has made changes to help grow themselves, pull the customers closer, and flatten the virus curve. FedEx has withdrawn the signing of the customers once they receive their package. This helps to maintain social distance, protecting their employee and their customer.

The zoom video Company

Zoom has indeed become a darling for most households during this pandemic. Zoom is free and works so well. As a result, it is becoming popular during this coronavirus crisis. This has resulted in the company’s net worth increased by more than $4bn.The company is achieving this by adding infrastructure to meet the rising needs and is still hiring despite having everyone working from home. It is doing whatever it takes to ensure that the services are reliable. The company is aimed at ensuring that people get high-quality and dependable experience for schools and every person depending on the application during this pandemic. As a result, the company makes more money.

The Walmart Company

Walmart is wining during this pandemic. The store is benefiting and making money from the millions of Americans who are stocking up, afraid of what the future holds. The company has hired 100,000 new employees to ensure they keep up with the demand during the pandemic. The company is also limiting the number of customers allowed in the store to shop. Seeing this, more consumers are shopping in these stores, with the knowledge that their safety is assured.

Coronavirus has resulted in a significant change in peoples’ way of life. We are forced to work from home, and some businesses are shutting down. The pandemic has affected various companies, which poses a direct impact on the economy. Despite some companies having a massive downfall, some can thrive through this and make the best. Most of these companies making the most money, out of this, are keen to ensure that they are working within the measures at hand to stop the spread of the virus. By this, they can protect their employees and their customers, deliver goods and services, and at the same time, make some money.

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