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CEO of Marketing Company; Efren Portillo Makes Waves in AZ

Efren Portillo

It’s very seldom that one goes from living in huge amounts of debt from throwing music events and losing money, to becoming a CEO of your very own company. Well this is true for Efren Portillo, who started from working at department store to building his own company from the ground up.

In The Beginning

From a teenager who started a production company that booked artists to perform at events that landed him in debt, to then starting a clothing company that failed as well. He then tried a cell phone company that eventually failed as well and many others. Fast forward to 2016 when he turned 27 and found himself rethinking his approach and plan to business. After paying off some of his debts from the previous failed businesses, Efren began to reflect off of what truly made him happy and where his interests actually were. He found himself pondering on all of the mistakes he made and decided that marketing might be the way to go. So in 2016, he then took the plunge into marketing for a gym by the name of Damri MMA who was his first client. Damri MMA, which is a local business gym in Avondale Arizona gave him great experience as he then began to expand. He landed another client in the world of real estate. He began to look at the bigger picture and hired his first employee in 2016 and by the end of 2018, he had 5 employees under him. 

Who Is Efren Portillo?

The current CEO of Gold Level Media is now thriving in the digital marketing world. Since then, Efren then hired a full team of employees and moved his headquarters to Downtown Phoenix for a bigger office space. In 2019, Gold Level Media has had a current resurgence in social media marketing. Growing up in Phoenix Arizona, Efren (@efrenthemarketer) has always been self reliant from a young teenager. After lessons learned with multiple failures with other businesses, he has worked hard to remain humble and succeed for himself and those around him. Inside of the business mind of someone who has read plenty of books in business including; Tony RobbinsWarren BuffettGary Vaynerchuk, plus others, the CEO himself has truly created his own future in the world of digital marketing. Business comes far and few in between as Efren has honestly started from rags to riches. From a first generation of family who were born in Mexico, and with absolutely no college education, he found a way from the bottom to move up. 

What Is Gold Level Media?

Gold Level Media is a powerhouse digital marketing company that focuses on media whether; social mediaSEO (Search Engine Optimization)Building & Creating Websites, and Graphic Design. A full service, one-stop shop marketing service agency that has made waves in a wide variety of industries across the state. The industries they currently service are; Real Estate, Food, Nightlife, Fitness, Solar and more. Gold Level Media has shown growth and has continued to since the start of the company when Efren found his passion with marketing. A company that focuses on the employees and puts their clients first with their mission statement as; “Whether you’re a small business entering to marketing, or an existing business that is looking to make some leaps in sales, we’ll strategize and execute marketing campaigns geared towards your specific situation.” The company has not only expanded their business across Arizona and the United States, but they have also done great for the community in Phoenix. A 5k Dignity Health in Arizona run to raise money and support the mothers that recently lost an infant, and various donations to multiple charities have been more and more frequent. 

The company that goes by Gold Level Media and that strives for gold in the world of marketing is looking towards a brighter future. Efren and his company are planning on moving towards more areas of marketing that are not just digital. Gold Level is looking to eventually become a multi-million dollar company and service clients in many other industries around the world. So, if you are living in debt and you are concerned about your future or think that it is false to believe in owning your own company one day, Efren is proof that anything can happen with hard work and dedication.

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