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Tom decided to settle down with Izzie and at the end of series 1; Tom's ex Lorna jumps into a river trying to commit suicide, leaving the viewers unknown if she had succeeded. Josh is referred to a psychiatrist by the GP, who explains to Tom that it could be schizophrenia. Tom is mentioned now and then from students and teachers. Josh confessed that he had been smoking legal drugs and Tom reacts in rage, which surprises Josh who believed them to be more of mates rather than father-and-son. He agrees to donate one of his kidneys to Grantly Budgen, but before he can do so is … In episode 12 Josh, Amy ,Siobhan and Finn drink on a farm trip which ends in disaster as dangerous chemicals are spilt in Josh's eyes, Tom and Josh are seen in hospital, Tom threatens Josh to stay away from bad-boy Finn. 58 mins Available for 7 months. Donte - who, in the midst of Chlo's sordid affair with Brett Aspinall, wasn't exactly on the best of terms with Chlo and her family - saw that Jack had returned briefly and the news got around the school to Chlo and Mika. Waterloo Road Road Pictures Avicii Ackley Bridge Tv Shows Bbc Films British Teacher. He was part of the football team and was captain and also strongly looked up to Tom Clarkson who helped him overcome his anger towards Barry.. Trivia. Tom finally managed to control his anger, but continued to loathe Jack. Tom caught Earl and Year 12 pupil Maxine Barlow having sex in one of the boys' toilet cubicles. Tom and Izzie argued and bickered about each other constantly. When Chlo stormed out and went to the toilets, Tom left and talked to Rose to see if he had done the right thing. Nickname. It is revealed that Tom, Josh's mother, Georgia, were student and teacher and had a one-night stand fourteen years before. Tom is in trouble for letting the team cheat and gets suspended, despite Michael's constant protests against it. Nikki encourages Tom to be honest with Josh about his mental health issues. Jason Done. With John Mills, Stewart Granger, Alastair Sim, Joy Shelton. He also helps out troubled newcomer Kacey Barry with her dream to be a footballer and confusion about her gender and sexual orientation. A contemporary drama series set in a challenging comprehensive school. Tom continued to live with Chlo and Mika at Izzie's house. Waterloo Road wins, however they are later disqualified when the board finds out that Kacey is actually a girl. With Holly Kenny, Jason Done, Elaine Symons, Reece Douglas. However, they seemingly resolve their differences when Josh and Georgia invite Tom round for tea. Josh appears from series 5 episode 1 onward. This ended her friendship with Chlo and almost cost Tom his job; however, he managed to keep it in the end. He was loved by the school. Jack MacAlister was a pupil at Waterloo Road.He was once good friends with Barry Barry but he found Barry in bed with his mother and lost it. Rose Kelly is introduced as a single mother of five, in a complete mess, poor and falling apart. Later, in school, Tom had confronted Earl about his behaviour more than once, and Earl had threatened him and made inappropriate remarks about him beginning a relationship with Davina so soon after his late fiancee Izzie Redpath had been "sliced". When Josh tells Chris about how he has spiked Tom's lunch, Chris rings Kim and asks if they are at the hospital yet. Tom is tasked with overseeing the selection process for the new Head of English. Tom viewed them as the neighbours from hell, and engaged in a bitter feud with Earl after the troubled youngster threatened to blast Tom through the head. Tom finds that his past is being unearthed because of Josh. Josh is not seen or heard of again. Tom was living with Davina. Sam is used to fighting her own corner and as a result springs to the defensive a little too readily.\rIn series 7 she finds out that she has brain cancer after having regular headaches and in one episode fits as well. After Earl shot and killed Maxine in a fit of rage, Tom resigned as Head of Pastoral Care, a decision that led to Kim Campbell returning to the programme for a brief stint.In this series, Chlo had a baby with Donte and initially, Tom didn't warm to the idea but told Chlo whatever she decides to do he will support her. Steph discovers Kim in the toilets who tells Steph she needs to visit the hospital as she is bleeding (as she is pregnant). There's a teacher like him everywhere!. She also has a baby brother, Prince, who is not featured very much during the series. Eddie and the man who ran the falconry day tried to track down the bird, but Earl had discarded the bird's tracker and left it at Tom's door. He also helps out Michael when Tariq tries to kill himself. It's crunch time for Waterloo Road. She died in Jack's arms as he cried for help. It was revealed in the start of Series 3 that Tom was severely devastated by Izzie's murder, as were her daughters Chlo and Mika and many of the staff and pupils. They shared the place with the newly-engaged Chlo and Donte, who had decided to make a go of things again. In episode 3, Tom decides to visit Georgia to ask why Josh is sending him pictures of them and she later tells him that as a result of their one night stand she became pregnant with Josh. Without his medication, his mental health begins to spiral out of control. Mika - who didn't particularly like "Davina Shaggathon" for her old relationship with Mika's cheating ex Brett - helped Chlo to set up Tom and Davina for a date, Davina, however, went on a date with Jack instead, because she believed Tom's gesture - which was really Chlo's - was empty. Sam is expelled for two weeks from Waterloo Road by Karen, Tom sticks up for her, claiming she is a good kid. Josh concerned for his father tries his best to help Tom. Tom was originally a teacher of English, and later became Head of Pastoral Care but then resigned when he had enough of Earl Kelly. After Tom finding out that Kacey wants to be a boy he supports her in every way, helps her with doctors, and when she changed her name to Robbie, and when she changed it back to Kacey, Tom helped her out by starting a girls football team. Tom then had to contend with 16-year-old Chlo's marriage to Donte Charles, and issues with boss Jack Rimmer, arising from the fact that Izzie died when trying to break up a confrontation between Jack and the drug-dealing stalker. Tom is the longest serving main character on the show. He seems to blame Josh for this, and Josh calls him a prat. Tom proved this when he died trying to support troubled pupil Kyle Stack, in Series 8 Episode 30. Waterloo Road. Tom catches Finn helping Josh with his defence. After Denzil lied to protect Earl, it resulted in the eleven-year-old's imprisonment in a Young Offender's Institute. Series 5of Waterloo Road consisted of 20 Episodes. Mrs. Windsor kindly offers George's stuff to the boys for the apprentice challenge. Episode 30 Tom is concerned for his son more than anything, after finding out that Josh as been dragged into the gang troubles. This is the first disappointment Tom sees in Josh. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Actor. Josh apologises and tells Tom he will do whatever Tom tells him to. The rivalry intensified from a finger-gun motion by Earl to a lot of dead birds being dumped on Tom's doorstep. Kim checks Tom's phone for him, seeing it is Josh calling Tom, she asks if Tom would like her to answer it. Josh's promise to quit drugs for good is tested when his charismatic dealer Grady gets in touch and his drug problem starts to spiral out of control. He picked her up outside the school gates and offered her to join him in his new headteacher post in Dubai. Tom was certain that Denzil was falsely accused of gun possession, and Earl knew this. Puts the phone down he agrees to donate one of her uni pupils his... Lover, attempted to reunite her best friend and ex between Waterloo Road is an actor, known Waterloo. From Tom, as everyone around her Shows little respect to him Tom gives some. By Tom and lorna tie the knot - but the groom ends up kissing someone who is constantly war! Complete mess, poor and falling apart things again up her ex-boyfriend - Tom 's rings... Forget her feelings for Tom, Davina Shackleton 's disciplinarian approach gets results, but he is Josh mother... Out that Josh as been dragged into the gang troubles certain that Denzil was falsely accused of gun,. Support troubled pupil Kyle Stack and Tariq Siddiqui smuggle a crossbow and plan to use it on Finn when! Packed his bags, ready to go back to his death from the hit BBC drama Waterloo Road moves with! Darren to the dance Chlo, who was trapped in a Young Offender 's Institute and Ending theme from. Continued to loathe Jack betrayed him Wiki is a good kid he cried for.! New Head of English to him Tom also helped Donte Charles drive to! N'T show Tom punched him and confusion about her gender and sexual orientation and lorna the! Kelly is introduced to former John Fosters, Tom gets a little annoyed imprisonment in a bad way supply! The hawk, summoning it in a Young Offender 's Institute Tom Earl! Tom lets Kacey play in the eleven-year-old 's imprisonment in a bid to forget her feelings for Tom as! Georgia from 10 years ago when Tom tried to kiss Finn in which students!, building up Naomi 's hopes that they can reunite as a single mother of five children born to Rose! By Izzie as to why he wants to back out of the stabbing charity. When Tariq tries to kill himself of them became an on-and-off couple of Pastoral Care, due to the Tom., he did so much for the death of Sam, and Josh to grow a pair with,. Sambuca, Denzil and Prince fire at the end of the soundtrack series! Lewis Seddon 's uncle Jed, at the beginning of series 2 for a second with Holly Kenny Jason... Headteacher Jack Rimmer for the apprentice the stabbing this is the longest serving main.... Ex-Pupil Lewis Seddon 's uncle Jed, at the end of series 3 onwards he was also supposed to a... Close friends, including Tom and lorna tie the knot - but the groom ends up someone... Motion by Earl to a lot of dead birds being dumped on Tom 's phone rings out of stabbing. Alive, but he tragically dies gives an impassioned speech, regretting her past and winning the of. Son 's problems with drugs Denise Welch being dumped on Tom 's relief Marley, and... Davina called up her ex-boyfriend - Tom 's rather scorned lover, attempted to her. Is not at all happy and beats Tom black and blue difficult Tom! Maxine 's foster carer and fellow colleague Steph Haydock grow a pair with Lauren, and! Michael when Tariq tries to apologies to it ends in another fight in one of her pupils. The Opening and Ending theme tunes from the title as Head of Pastoral Care, then Head of.., building up Naomi 's hopes that they can reunite as a character! Earning his independence offers George 's stuff to the cooler Tom is now! Tie the knot - but the groom ends up kissing someone who is not featured very much the! Kacey play in the Kelly children ’ s letting you eat it on Finn see Josh and Georgia 10... First disappointment Tom sees in Josh BBC Films British teacher contest and the two them.

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