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How to Find the Right Influencer for Your Brand

How to find the right influencer

Whether you run an ecommerce business or you’re a creator yourself, partnering with influencers is a powerful way to spread brand awareness. Social media platforms transformed the way we interact online, and it’s now possible to leverage these digital relationships to promote brands.

What makes influencer marketing different from other types of digital marketing? A reported 65% of people say they discover new products or brands through an influencer at least once a week. Even more impressive is that 87% of shoppers say they were inspired by influencers to actually make a purchase.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many brands are quickly jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon. However, it’s not as simple as just finding an influencer and collaborating. You need to be strategic with your partnership, so here’s how to find the right influencers for your brand.

1. Understand Influencer Marketing

A lot of brands make some big mistakes when they first start working with influencers. The key is to find the right influencers that fit your brand and your audience, but this is easier said than done.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what influencer marketing is and how it works. These are:

  • The more followers, the better: This myth is easy to understand, but it’s just plain false. In fact, microinfluencers have stronger connections to their audience and are more trusted.
  • I should stay in full control of the collab: While it’s normal to have some control over the collaboration, you’ll still want to allow your influencers to create content they know will relate to their audience.
  • I expect instant results: In reality, results take time in influencer marketing. An ongoing collaboration is likely to yield greater profit, whereas a one-off partnership might take a bit longer.

2. Know Your Target Customer

Before embarking on any influencer marketing collaboration, you need to know your target customer. Who are you trying to reach?

There are a number of leading influencer marketing niches to choose from, and odds are you can find your ideal customer in one of these groups.

Influencers know their audience inside and out. The more specific you can be in who you want to talk to, the easier it will be to find the right influencer. Consider these questions:

  • How old is your target customer?
  • Is your target user a man or woman?
  • What background does he or she have?
  • Is he or she college educated?
  • Where does he or she live?
  • What does he or she do in their free time?

These questions will guide your search for the right influencer for your brand.

3. Check for Engagement

Engagement is key when choosing the right influencer for your brand. While it’s easy to get lured by huge follower counts, this is only one side of the story.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of sneaky tactics some influencers use to appear more noteworthy online. Things like buying followers, engagement pods, and group giveaways can make it seem like an influencer has a large following when in reality these are uninterested, irrelevant followers or even bots.

Instead of looking at follower counts, check for engagement. Engagement means how many people are liking, sharing, and commenting. Do people seem to like what he or she is posting? Are they responding to stories and being a part of the community? This is where the real value is.

4. Review Content

What content does the influencer typically post? How could this type of content fit with your existing ideas for a collaboration?

For example, if they’re a digital nomad posting on the go, you might want to showcase how your brand of planners fits this lifestyle. On the other hand, if they’re a budding entrepreneur, you might create a collab around the budding real estate business.

When working with the right influencer, you want to create something authentic. This means making a collaboration that resonates with their audience. It shouldn’t stand out from their typical posts and content—it should fit in naturally.

5. Offer Fair Compensation

Last but not least, make sure you’re offering fair compensation. Many brands assume influencers will be over the moon to work with them. Why wouldn’t they, especially if you’re offering a great product or service in return?

In reality, influencer put a lot of work into these collaborations. They could include photography, planning, video production, editing, and copywriting. This is no small feat, and it deserves fair compensation.

However, influencer marketing isn’t just for businesses with huge marketing budgets. Even small businesses can afford partnerships, especially if they’re flexible. While every influencer is entitled to ask for what they consider to be fair, the typical rule-of-thumb is to pay $10 per 1000 followers on instagram, and the price goes up for other platforms.

For a small collaboration, you can expect to spend anywhere from $25 – $500+. This ultimately depends on the following of the influencer, the specific type of content they’re making, and how they price their time.

Partner with the Right Influencer

If you’re considering working with an influencer, now is the great time to start. Influencer marketing is booming and with good reason. These are the ones everyday users trust. They’re not like typical advertisers, and this is worth its weight in gold.

Still, before you start your first collaboration, make sure you follow these tips above to ensure you find the right influencer. Not every person is a good fit for every brand, and you want to make sure you’re spending your marketing budget wisely. That is how you find the right influencer for your brand!

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