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How to Find Your Community As An Influencer

How to Find Your Community As An Influencer

If you’re working online as an entrepreneur, influencer, remote worker, or freelancer, how do you find your community? Working remotely can be freeing, but it can also be very isolating. When you work at a traditional office, you have coworkers, managers, and other people you interact with daily. Working online means you’re often alone at home or your own office, but it’s important to still find your community.

Part of the entrepreneur mindset is to always make the best of each situation. Even if you’re working from home, you can connect with others and find your community. Overcoming this challenge is highly rewarding, and it means you have more opportunities to network and grow your own business or practice. In this guide, we’ll share the top tips to find your community when you work remote.


Why Does Finding Your Community Matter?

Why bother finding your community when you work online? Whether you’re turning your side-hustle full-time or you’re remote working for a traditional business, you’ll quickly discover this can be very isolating. As a human, you’re naturally a social creature. Whether you identify as an introvert or extrovert doesn’t truly matter. After time, you’ll quickly learn it’s better when you have a community to rely on when you need it.

Having a community helps with:

  • Isolation: Nobody wants to feel like they’re alone. Having social interaction built into your work life is so beneficial to your mental and emotional health.
  • Vent: Sometimes you just need to vent. Whether you’r working with a challenging client or starting an intimidating project, having someone to talk to about these challenges who ‘gets it’ makes all the difference.
  • Mentors: If you’re just getting started, having mentors to lean on is a huge help. You never know who might lend helpful experience.
  • Networking: Most importantly, when you find your community as a remote worker, you have more networking opportunities.

With that in mind, how do you actually find these connections? Try these tips below.


1. Join Facebook Groups

For a digital option, Facebook Groups are a great source of connection. While Facebook itself is not as popular for connecting with loved ones, the groups feature is still alive and well. A quick search will help you find a number of Facebook groups specifically for remote workers.

No matter what type of work-from-home you do, there’s a Facebook group for you. As long as you follow the rules, you’re welcome to join these groups no matter your skill or experience level.


2. Interact on Reddit

Reddit defines itself as the first page of the internet, and it’s truly a remarkable place. Full of subreddits dedicated to every subject imaginable, this is a place to easily find your people. There are a number of great subreddits dedicated to working online. You’ll find beginners as well as experienced veterans, so this is also a great place to find a mentor. Some popular Reddit groups are:


3. Try a Slack Channel

Slack is one of the best tools for people who work online. However, it’s not just for communicating with fellow members of your team or workplace. It’s always a tool for connecting with people who work in a similar way.

Did you know there are Slack channels specifically for remote workers? It’s true, and anyone can join. One of the most common work from home chats is the WorkFromHome Slack Channel. This is hosted by Workfrom, and it’s easy to get your invite if you qualify.


4. Join a Local Meetup

If you’d prefer to meet people in-person, you can try the app Meetup. This is a platform for in-person events, groups, and get-togethers. It’s open to anyone in a specific geographical area, so there is likely already a budding Meetup community in a city near you.

Through Meetup, you can join fellow remote workers at restaurants, parks, and coffeeshops. Though many of these are strictly social gatherings, many are also dedicated to professional relationships and career building.


5. Consider Professional Organizations

Last but not least, consider joining a professional organization for your industry. Not only will this help you connect with networking contacts, but it’s also a way to grow your own skills. There are so many professional organizations to choose from, but you might have to pay a small annual fee.

These professional organizations are a great way to find your community if you work remote. You can join the Freelancer’s Union, for example, if you want resources specifically to freelancing. There are so many regional groups you can find with a quick online search.


Create Your Community As a Remote Worker

If you work remote, now is the time to build your own community. Whether you’re a freelancer or a content creator, there are so many people looking for connection right now. Having someone to speak to on a daily basis about your challenges and accomplishments is a source of comfort.

Don’t underestimate the power of community when it comes to your professional network. As the saying goes, we’re stronger when we’re together.

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