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How to Host an Instagram Giveaway

Instagram giveaway

When trying to grow your Instagram following as an influencer, one of the best ways to boost growth is through an Instagram giveaway. While a giveaway can be highlight effective, there are a lot of things to know before you begin. You need the right strategy to take your Instagram giveaway to the next level, ensuring doe don’t waste money.

Instagram Giveaways have the potential to drastically increase your following count. This can help you land more brand deals, affiliate programs, and engagement. In this guide, we’re sharing how to host an Instagram giveaway that’s a huge success.


Why Host an Instagram Giveaway?

First, why host an Instagram giveaway vs. trying another strategy to increase your followers on Instagram? While you can be an influencer with under 10k followers, it’s always helpful to have a large, engaged following in your niche.

According to a Tailwind study, Instagram giveaways to grow your followers 70% faster in 3 months than if you didn’t host any contests. When you host an intentional, mindful giveaway with your audience in mind, it’s easy to encourage more people in your niche to follow your content. Here’s why giveaways are so powerful:

  • Freebies: First, everyone likes free stuff. Giving away something for free to your followers and new followers is fun, and it shows them you care.
  • Engagement: When you host a giveaway, you also encourage increased engagement with your content in the form of follows, shares, tags, and likes. This shows the Instagram algorithm that your content is engaging.
  • Loyalty: An Instagram giveaway is also a great way to encourage loyalty. When you reward existing followers, they feel they have greater value by continuing to follow you.
  • Collaboration: Lastly, a giveaway is an opportunity to collaborate with others in your niche, work with other influencers, and start brand relationships.


How to Run a Giveaway on Instagram

With that in mind, how do you host an Instagram giveaway? Follow these steps below to make sure you’re doing all the right things with your giveaway. An unplanned giveaway can potentially turn off followers, not to mention it’s a waste of time and money.


Step 1: Set clear goals. 

First, you need to have clear goals before holding your Instagram giveaway. If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, it’s unlikely that you’ll see the real growth you’re looking for. Some goals can be:

  • Increase your following
  • Give back to your community
  • Promote a new product for your online store
  • Increase awareness
  • Partner with a relevant brand


Step 2: Decide on a prize

Of course, no Instagram giveaway is complete without a clear prize. This should be something relevant for your audience. This is truly key. It can be a product, service, experience, or digital download. No matter what it is, make sure it’s something your audience gets excited about.

This is the perfect chance to partner with a brand, affiliate, or other product/service you like to promote frequently. For instance, if you’re a beauty influencer, it’s a great idea to partner with a new beauty retailer in your space. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or complicated! Sometimes simple is best.


Step 3: Create entry criteria. 

Next, define how your users will join the giveaway. Determine how long users have to enter, what countries you’re open to, and how you’ll make sure people follow their rules. You can set any criteria you want, typically one (or many) of the following:

  • Follow your page
  • Follow a partner brand’s page
  • Share a photo
  • Tag a friend
  • Leave a comment
  • Like the post

Make sure you include Instagram’s Terms & Conditions regarding promotions to make sure you aren’t breaking any platform rules.


Step 4: Share your giveaway

Once your Instagram giveaway is live, start promoting it! Make sure it’s easy to share. This is a great chance to use Instagram’s Reel function to spread your giveaway even further.

As an influencer, tap into your community to generate buzz and excitement. Everyone loves giveaways, so get your contest in front of the right audience. Last but not least, choose your winner at the end of the giveaway and make sure they feel special.


Boost Your Instagram Traffic with Giveaways

Ultimately, everyone loves feeling appreciated. Taking the time to host your own Instagram giveaway is a great way to take advantage of this platform, boost your own engagement, and build your audience. Followers aren’t everything on Instagram, but they certainly help when it comes to your reputation.

Are you planning an Instagram giveaway? Make sure to pay close attention to these ideas and tips above to keep things running smoothly start to finish.


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