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Joe Rogan Signs Podcast Deal to Spotify

Joe Rogan Signs Podcast Deal

In a major business blow, Spotify Technology SA signed an exclusive deal with Joe Rogan, in which Rogan’s podcast will be offered on their music streaming platform. The deal is allegedly worth $100 million.

Spotify will take up the whole collection of the Joe Rogan Experience, which will start airing from 1st September. Rumors also suggest that the podcast will be restricted to Spotify later in the year.

Spotify is now fast-approaching to become the leader of streaming platforms in the world. As soon as this deal was made public, the company’s shares allegedly went up by 11%.

Certainly, Rogan’s podcast is among the greatest, if not the greatest, out there. His subject matters vary from the return of Mike Tyson and its repercussions to explanations about black holes by leading scientists. Rogan’s podcasts offer deep insights into various topics that the knowledgeable visitor strokes. It is an enormous much-loved perception amongst individuals across the world. He has more than 8.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Evidently, the manner in which Rogan presents his feelings about the subject matter really moves the audience. His preceding insight, facts, and research into the discussion point also make the podcast more interesting to listen to. Spotify will also include Vodcasts for the Joe Rogan Experience, and therefore, those who love watching Rogan’s Podcast don’t need to worry.

In the Mixed Martial Art world, Joe Rogan is essentially viewed as one of the greatest commentators for the UFC. However, his podcast – The Joe Rogan Experience – has been the most successful business project. He has hosted it for 11 years and has become one of the most loved podcasts across the globe. And now, through a groundbreaking deal with Spotify, he is going to become even more successful. He will be moving his podcast exclusively to Spotify Streaming Platform.

Rogan had seemingly been hesitant to introduce his Podcast on Spotify, citing higher income generation from other service providers. Though, lately, Spotify has capitalized on acquiring other podcasts and media companies, making an intensive effort to widen their Entertainment scope outside a music streaming service. Spotify released a press statement praising the work of their new partner and mentioning Rogan’s role in culture as a major contributor in their interest in moving him to their platform.

Since 2009 when he launched Joe Rogan Experience, he has broken ground and created one of the most engaged and loyal fan bases across the globe. Rogan delivers his podcasts as a stand-up comedian, where he fearlessly raises various topics including culture, infectious diseases, health, comedy, sports, and neuroscience – all with a sense of humor and curiosity.

Bringing the Joe Rogan Experience to Spotify means that over 286 million Spotify users will have access to one of the leading voices in today’s culture.

From a Fear Factor Guy to One of the Greatest Influencers in 2020

Rogan has been on the Entertainment Media for pretty some time now. Certainly, he has had peaks and troughs during that time.

However, what is inspiring is how he moved up the steps of success to become one of the most successful influencers. He began as a stand-up comedian in 1988 in Boston and later shifted to Los Angeles in 1994. He signed a deal with Disney and later performed as an actor in numerous shows. In 1997, he started his performance as a commentator for UFC. He became a host of the Fear Factor in 2001 and resumed his comedy career in 2006 after the end of the show. In 2009, he launched his podcast.

Rogan has become very popular and influences his audiences throughout the years. His enlightened comedy style has made him one of the best comedians in the world.

Who is Joe Rogan?

He is a US TV host, stand-up comedian, and podcaster who started his podcast in 2009 – in the initial days of podcasts. He welcomes a wide array of guests, including conspiracy theorists, politicians, comedians, musicians, and actors on his show, which has acquired a massive audience. In 2019, the podcast had an average of 190 million downloads per month.

Previously, Rogan has advocated for long-form media – and his podcasts run for two to three hours. However, he has been criticized and accused of making transphobic, racist, and sexist comments in his podcasts. In 2018, Rogan hit the headlines when he shared a marijuana joint with Elon Musk, after which the stocks of the company dropped by 9%.

Rogan has been recognized as a Political Influencer by the New York Times because of his reach. He once informed his multitudes of followers that he would possibly vote for Bernie Sanders, who consequently acquired increased press coverage.

Why is the Spotify deal significant?

The amount of money involved in this deal is very rare in the podcast industry – and Rogan is now likely to get more money than most entertainers on Spotify. Experts report that the amount paid by Spotify to move Rogan’s podcast to their platform is equivalent to 26 billion streams. A musician would require to acquire 23 billion streams on Spotify to earn what they are giving Joe Rogan for his podcast license. That means Spotify regards Rogan more than any musician in the world’s history.

The deal is expected to lead the way for other podcasters, although the exclusivity deal might leave many fans out. It might be a way of lifting him up but putting him behind walls that the culture usually ignores.

Although Rogan said that accessing his podcast will still be free on Spotify, Spotify is hoping that the deal will lead to increased traffic to their platform, which will significantly increase the number of subscribers.

It is usually hard to make huge amounts of money in the congested world of podcasts. As it is free to download most podcasts, most producers and presenters try to make money from advertising and endorsements. An exclusive deal like this one is very rare.

Rogan Assured his followers that it would be the exact same show. It is only a licensing deal, so Spotify will not have any creative control over the show.

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