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How to Start Making Money on YouTube

Start making money on YouTube

A lot of people nowadays dream of making it big on YouTube. While this used to be a pipe dream in the past, it’s suddenly more common than ever before. With big-name YouTubers earning an impressive living, it’s no wonder this is suddenly a legitimate career track.

However, before you pick up that video camera, there are some things to know about how to start making money on YouTube. Namely, it might be harder than it looks.

Still, over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched around the world each day. With numbers like that, there are countless ways to start making money on YouTube no matter your experience.

How Do Creators Make Money on YouTube?

To start, let’s discuss how creators are making money on YouTube. It’s not as simple as uploading a video and watching the cash come in. It takes a bit of planning. In some cases, it even takes ongoing networking with brands and other sponsors.

Like with microinfluencers, there’s no need to have a massive following on YouTube to start making money. It’s just important to have an engaged, active audience. From there, here are the most common ways to make money:

  • Ads: The most common and most well-known way to make money on YouTube is with ad revenue. YouTube is owned by Google, so ad revenue is earned through a program known as Google Adsense. This varies, but it can earn an average of a few cents per views or clicks. Over time, this adds up!
  • Sponsorships: Another option for making money on YouTube is through brand sponsorships. This is when the channel advertises a sponsored product or service in exchange for affiliate income or a flat-fee payment.
  • Merch & User Support: Finally, creators on YouTube also can earn money by promoting their own merch and offering paid, promotional subscriptions typically though a service like Patreon.

As you can see, there are more ways to make money on YouTube than ever before, and these are only growing. Creators have the ability to adapt their monetization options to meet user’s needs, leading to even more money down the line.

Tips for Monetizing on YouTube

So how exactly do you start monetizing on YouTube, especially if you only have a small following? Is it possible to start making money on YouTube right away?

While YouTubers today are self-made celebrities, this doesn’t always happen overnight (though it can).

To get started making money on YouTube, you’ll need a strategy. Just like the startup mindset, you need to stay agile and ready to apply yourself. These tips below will help guide you to success.

1. Join the partnership program.

While a lot of people mistakenly believe they automatically earn money on their YouTube videos, this isn’t actually true. To begin earning ad revenue, you’ll need to join YouTube’s Partners Program. Another option is to have your videos listed on YouTube premium.

To do this, go to your YouTube account settings. You can now access your monetization options and join the program that’s right for you.

2. Define your audience.

In addition to monetizing your channel, you’ll also want a clear audience. If you’re talking to everyone, nobody is really listening.

Your audience on YouTube is how you’ll appeal to sponsors and set yourself apart. Whether you market to young women in their twenties or dads who like building stuff in their free time, it’s important to define your audience and produce content they’d enjoy watching.

3. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Odds are you already have an idea of the types of content that does well on YouTube. While it pays to be creative, it’s okay to try some of the tried and true methods to find what works best for you.

Similarly, if you find success with a single type of video, continue producing similar content. For example, if your unboxing video took off in views, produce more unboxing videos. A lot of newbie creators get lost in the search for the latest-and-greatest, when sometimes the answer is much simpler than that.

4. Use YouTube SEO to show up in results.

Lastly, make sure it’s easy for users to find your videos. Just like other search engines, users are searching for the content they want to see. When you use keywords in your titles, tags, and descriptions, you’re much more likely to appear in the top results for these searches.

Look at some of the top creator’s videos. You’ll notice they use keyword-rich descriptions to make sure they’re always listed in the correct search results. Though simple, this makes a huge difference.

Is It Possible to Make Money on YouTube?

In short, the answer to this question is yes. It’s certainly possible to start making money on YouTube, and it’s easy to get started quickly without much experience. That being said, the amount of money you’ll make varies on your methods, content, and strategy.

If you’re ready to start making a little bit of passive income online, this guide was for you. In this digital age, it takes a bit of creativity and perseverance to start making an income online.

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