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7 Podcasts to Upgrade Your Mindset

Upgrade your mindset with these podcasts

If you’re struggling with your mindset, you’re not alone. Whether you’re trying to transform your side hustle into a 9-5 job or simply make more use of the time you have, it’s all about how you upgrade your mindset.

While we’ve covered entrepreneur podcasts before, mindset is something of its own beast. How you think really affects how you work, and it’s key to success in any business. Whether you’re a full-time creator or a small business owner, you need to upgrade your mindset to meet your daily demands.

Are you ready to start living your dreams to the fullest? Here are 7 podcasts to help upgrade your mindset to new heights.

1. High Performance Mindset

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff is the coach behind the High Performance Mindset podcast. As a perforamnce coach with a Ph.D. in sport and performance psychology, she knows what it means to put in the work to succeed.

With experience coaching athletes, world-class business leaders, and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, High Performance Mindset is the pep talk you’ve been waiting for.

2. Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs know firsthand how procrastination and daily troubles can get in the way of success. Though these small setbacks might seem small, you need to upgrade your mindset to really reach new accomplishments.

The Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs podcast by Dana Wilde is all about how to free your mind to reach your full potential. If you want to have better outcomes in life, you need a better outlook. This podcast dives deep into how successful people think.

3. Operation Self Reset

Jake Nawrocki is the host of Operation Self Reset. He believes its our regrets that hold us back in life, and you need to learn how to let these go if you want to change your life.

Have you ever avoided doing something because fear got in the way? Nawrocki argues that these regrets only slow you down. It’s never too late to press the reset button.

4. Pivot Podcast

Pivot Podcast is by Jenny Blake, an author who understands the power of pivoting to make a real difference. Her key takeaway of this podcast is that the only move that matters is your next move. Don’t worry about the other small details that block your startup mindset from taking over.

If you want to succeed in this rapidly changing world, you need to learn how to pivot. Being prepared for change is the only real path forward.

5. The School of Greatness

The School of Greatness is by Lewis Homes, New York Times bestselling author and world record holder. His podcast is about personal growth through his own School of Greatness.

By interviewing some of the greatest people on the planet, he helps expand your own mindset to consider the posibilities.

6. Superhumans at Work

Superhumans at Work is a podcast that challenges listeners to rethink their time spent working. Host Jason Cambell explores the minds of the world’s top performers, self-proclaimed “superhumans,” to see what makes them work differently.

With episodes about leveling up your business, managing anxiety on the job, and being a strong leader, this podcast covers it all. Your everyday life is about to get an upgrade.

7. Impact Theory

Last but not least, Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu helps you learn secrets from one of the world’s best serial entrepreneurs and the co-founder of Quest Nutrition.

He’s passionate about helping others upgrade their mindset by learning from the world’s best stories. By talking to today’s greatest business owners, he gets their take on what empowers them to achieve more.

Learning Is the Key to Mindset Development

If you want to upgrade your mindset, you can’t stay stationary. You need to keep learning, explore the world, and listen to stories. When you listen to these podcasts above, you step into a perspective outside of your own.

Too many of us find ourselves trapped in a daily grind. We don’t know how to expand our horizons because we’re so focused on what’s in front of us. These mindset podcasts challenge us to do more and be more.

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