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The Best Real Estate Skip Tracing Services for Entrepreneurs

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When working in real estate, it’s essential to have an eye on the best property deals. One of the best processes for serious entrepreneurs is to use skip tracing services to locate individuals who might be motivated sellers.

The world of real estate moves quickly. If you’re not able to find and source the best sellers fast, you could miss out on high-earning real estate opportunities.

Are you serious about locating the best deals? Then you need the right skip tracing service for entrepreneurs. Luckily, we’ve already done the work so you don’t have to.

What Is a Skip Tracing Service?

In real estate, skip tracing is the process of locating the owner of a property. Why is this important? Because you need to know the owners of properties that you think might make great investment opportunities.

Say you stumble upon a distressed house that looks like a prime vacation rental. Instead of waiting for this house to get on the market, you can take matters into your own hand with a skip tracing service.

A skip tracing service helps locate the owners of property for you. They do all the investigative work so you can focus on growing your business and sourcing high-earning properties. The goal of these services is to find all the contact info for these owners, even if they’re no longer living in that home.

While you can probably find some of this information yourself, there are limitations to using local resources and social media. If you’re looking for real-world leads backed by powerful data, you’ll need a skip tracing service. Now, let’s discuss the best services for entrepreneurs.

1. Need to Skip

If you need results fast, Need to Skip is for you. Need to Skip specializes in relationship reports. This includes things like the phone numbers of relatives, associates of the homeowner, and more. In essence, it gives you many more points of contact than typical skip tracing.

If you have a list, Need to Skip will bulk skip trace at an affordable cost so you can get the results you want quickly. This makes all the difference between getting the deal and losing the opportunity.

2. Skip Right

Skip Right has one of the fastest turnaround times and a high hit rate. This means they know how to get the results real estate entrepreneurs need.

If you need your list quickly, this is one of the fastest ways to get it. Time really is everything in real estate, so don’t compromise on low result skip tracing services that don’t deliver.

3. Social Media

Believe it or not, social media platforms are one of the best skip tracing services. While you’ll need to have some time to put in the heavy lifting yourself, there is a lot of info out there for free on social media.

While not a good fit if you’re new to doing these kinds of searches, you can find all kinds of contact info online. Places like Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn are a good way to find sellers.

4. Family Tree Now

Family Tree Now is a way to research your genealogy and family tree. However, it’s also very useful for real estate investors.

Family Tree Now searches census records to help you learn more about someone’s family history. You can find thing like marriages, divorces, property records, and so on. All of this is valuable when skip tracing.

5. TransUnion TLOxp

Lastly, TransUnion runs TLOxp. This is a data platform that links connection points between people, assets, and businesses. Using both social media and web insights, this is a reliable way to craft a full picture of your skip trace searches.

For high-quality data, you can’t overlook TLOxp. Through this platform, you can find credit report info, corporate debts, and other sensitive ID information that might be valuable.

How to See Real Results

If you’re a real estate entrepreneur, it’s time to land real results. Finding the best sellers sometimes takes a bit of know-how, and that’s where these skip tracing services come into play.

If you have a startup mindset, you already know that information is king in this industry. If you’re not sure how to find the right owner of a residence, this ensures you always have high-quality leads. Are you ready to get started?

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