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Tekashi 6ix9ine Net Worth Now Out of Jail

Tekashi 6ix9ine Net Worth Now Out of Jail

Daniel Hernandez was born in New York City in the year 1996. He is well known by his stage name Tekashi 6ix9ine. His father was a Puerto Rican and his mother, a Mexican. In one of his interviews, he agreed to be expelled from school at 8th grade. And that marked the end of his education. Tekashi grew with his parents to the age of 13 years and later left to stay with his brother. His dad was murdered in 2009, and that is when life started being difficult to him and his family. He had to sell drugs to support his mum pay bills.

6ix9ine claimed to have started rapping for fun before becoming an influencer on social media and in music. Friends asked him to be a rapper, and he decided to take a shot. His rapping carrier began in 2014, but he came to lame light in 2017 after his thrilling hit “Gummo.” Tekashi is now proclaiming himself King of New York after the fast success in the rapping industry. The rainbow-coloured hair guy rose to prominence, thanks to social media after his video went viral. I tell you now, for every one person that hates seeing this guy performing a thousand others are willing to attend his concerts.

In 2018, 6ix9ine released his debut mixtape Day69 and surprisingly the album was number four on the Billboard 200 album. Day69 had 20,000 pure sales which were enough to make the rapper rich. As if that’s not enough, two of the songs from his album ‘Rondo’ and ‘Billy’ appeared on the Billboard Hot 100. ‘Billy’ took the lead at number 50.

Breaking Records

Just a month after being released from prison, 6ix9ine new single hit ‘GOOBA’ has broken YouTube record as the most viewed hip-hop video in a span of 24 hours. By the time it was announced by press, the video had 61 million views and still climbing. It is estimated that it had registered 43 million views on day one. This is the highest in the history of hip-hop songs on YouTube. Eminem had set the previous record back in 2018 with his diss song ‘KILLSHOT’ that registered 38.1 million views in 24 hours. After Tekashi was released from prison, he went live on Instagram and broke a record with 2 million people tuned into the platform at the same time. Whether you love or hate him, this 24 years kid knows how to get on top.

Legal Matters

Tekashi69 with more than 200 tattoos on his body of number 69 has been arrested on multiple occasions. In 2015 he pleaded guilty of felony charges after using a minor in sexual performance. The act led to him receiving three-year probation, refrain posting any sexually explicit images and obtains his GED. He failed his GED in 2018 and was arrested on an outstanding warrant on an incident where he choked someone in Houston.

6ix9ine was arrested again in 2018 with charges of illegal weapons, and drug trafficking. To avoid 47-years imprisonment, he agreed to testify against his gang members. In December last year, he entered a guilty plea as a deal with prosecutors which earned him thirteen months in prison. He was released from jail this year on March due to the quick spread of COVID-19 in prison. He pleaded with judges to let him finish his sentence under house arrest. That means he will be in house arrest for the next three months. Judges cited that due to Tekashi69 asthma condition, he was more vulnerable to contract the virus and so he had to be released. The gang members he testified against are currently facing life imprisonment.

Net Worth

After release from prison, Tekashi69 is worth $6 million. He mostly uses social media to show expensive record and management deals. On an Instagram post in January 2018, he said he had signed a record worth $7.5 million. After a month he again said he had signed a $ 15 million management deal with RICH GANG Company. Barely another month was over, and he claimed to sign a $4.9 deal with a headphone company. In all the above deals, there is no evidence to confirm they were real. Came October 2019, for the first time the rapper signed a confirmed deal worth $10 million with a record company known as 10K projects. The deal is reported to involve two albums which one will be in English and the one in Spanish. All the $6 million net worth of Tekashi69 is a combination of proprietary algorithm and robust methodology. It is the most current update of the rapper’s net worth.


After the release of 69, many rappers including Meek Mill took to Instagram calling him a rat. This was the main reason the Tekashi decided to on Instagram too to set things straight. In his defence, he asked who he was being loyal to if the gang members were not loyal to him. He admitted snitching on his former manager Shotti because of the rumours that the manager was sleeping with the rapper’s baby mama. The ‘FEFE’ rapper even explained that he did not get into hip-hop to involve himself with gangs, but he joined the industry to get his family out of poverty. He later claimed himself the greatest artist in the world.

Tekashi69 did not forget to address his new beef with Meek Mill, he bragged about having 2 million viewers on his live video, something he felt Meek Mill could not do. Meek Mill had earlier posted on twitter that he hopes the rat was going to apologize to the people he snitched on. He even called 69 an informant behind keyboard trolling families he ruined. Meek Mill answered 69’s feud by saying he got lots of money and he does not do internet numbers but the bank. In response to that, 6ix9ine took photos of himself at the balcony holding a lot of money. The rapper’s lawyer later revealed that due to security purposes, 6ix9ine had to be moved to a different house. Many people believe the rapper had an abrupt rise to fame and his downfall did not take long, but the rapper himself knows he still has a long way to go.

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