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What Are The Best Beginner Affiliate Programs?

What Are The Best Beginner Affiliate Programs

If you’re looking to get started with affiliate marketing, now is the best time. Affiliate marketing is rapidly growing as an industry, and it’s a great way to turn your side hustle full-time. Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, or influencer, affiliate marketing is a legitimate, stable way to bring in extra income. Beginner affiliate programs are designed to help you succeed fast.

With more than 80% of brands having affiliate programs today, you can easily market your favorite brands while bringing in extra dough. Still, if you’re getting started with affiliate marketing for the first time, it’s normal to be a bit confused about your next steps. Using beginner affiliate programs is a great stepping stone to more income. Which affiliate programs are best for first-time affiliate marketers? Try these options below.


What Are Affiliate Programs?

First, what even are affiliate programs and how do they work? When you do affiliate marketing, you share links for brands or products on your blog, website, or social media platform. When users make a sale using your link or special code, you earn a percentage of the revenue or a flat fee.

Affiliate programs are third-party platforms that allow both merchants and affiliate marketers to work with each other. Think of them as the middleman, connecting the right brands to influencers. Because data is exchanged through the platform, there is more security and safety for both parties. Here’s why using a beginner affiliate program is a great idea:

  • Access: First, you’ll likely have access to a larger number of brands all at once, without having to seek out different programs yourself.
  • Security: Because payments are handled through the provider, you don’t have to worry about your data or financial information being compromised.
  • Negotiation: The fees and rates are already settled through the affiliate program, meaning there is less work for you.
  • Speed: Lastly, there are quick platforms. You don’t have to waste time finding and applying for affiliate programs yourself. It’s all done in the platform. As a business owner, time truly is money.

Do you need to be a big-name influencer, blogger, or entrepreneur to start using these affiliate programs? Not at all! You can start no matter how many followers you have. If you’re a micro-influencer or have under 10K followers, that’s no problem. While some programs have their own requirements, most have very little criteria to meet.


Best Beginner Affiliate Programs

With that in mind, which affiliate programs are the best fit for beginner affiliate marketers? These are programs that aren’t complicated to apply for. They don’t have strict criteria, and they also give you the freedom to work with a lot of different brands. Here are the best program options.


1. Amazon Associates

Of course, the first affiliate program on this list is Amazon Associates. This has been one of the top affiliate programs for decades, and it was the first affiliate program in the world. Because people trust Amazon already, there is less tension when selling Amazon products with your existing audience.

How to apply: It’s as simple as clicking ‘Sign up’ on the Amazon Affiliate page and entering your information. However, review the guidelines before you get started since Amazon is notoriously strict about how you promote Amazon products on your own platform.


2. eBay Affiliate

Another well-known alternative to Amazon is eBay. This is one of the highest paying affiliate programs, so it’s a great option if you wish to earn more with your efforts. Their commissions actually can be in the 50-70% range! As an eBay partner, you work directly with eBay to sell their specific products.

How to apply: It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up for the eBay Partner Network, and there are no specific requirements.


3. Commission Junction

Known as CJ, Commission Junction is another older affiliate platform that’s popular with newbie affiliate marketers. Their publishers make $1.8 billion annually combined, making this quite the impressive program. Better yet, they feature big-name brands like IHG, Barnes & Nobles, and more.

How to apply: Once you have a website, you can apply on the CJ website by entering your basic information.


4. ShareASale

Lastly, ShareASale is a great platform that combines both big and small merchants. While you’ll need to individually apply for specific merchants, it’s easy to sign up with the platform itself. Some of the well-known merchants on ShareASale include Sun Basket, NFL Shop, Wayfair, and so much more.

How to apply: Use the sign-up form on the ShareASale website. From there, apply for individual merchants that are a good fit for your niche.


Which Platform Is Right For You?

If you’re looking for a beginner affiliate platform, this list is for you. There is no limit to how many affiliate programs you apply for. As long as they’re a match for your brand and you’re following the guidelines, you’re on the right track.

Affiliate marketing is here to stay. It’s a way to use your influence to share brands and products you love. Whether you’re growing a new audience or have one established already, why not try this for yourself?

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